Take Challenging Classes

For engineering programs, it is crucial to take as much math and science as you can in high school. So, we have summarized some key classes that you should take before college.

Earning good grades in challenging and advanced courses will give you a leg up, and taking high levels of math and science will make your introductory engineering classes in college more manageable.

Most engineering schools require four years of math, including Pre-Calculus, although Calculus or AP Calculus is strongly encouraged. Engineering schools are also looking for at least three years of science, including Physics and Chemistry.

Engineering is not just about math and science, though! Take your other subjects seriously, as well, especially English, because engineers need to be able to speak and write well. Effective communication is an important part of engineering.

Aspire to take AP, honors, or other advanced-level courses, including additional coursework at a local community college. When you need help, meet with your teachers or form a study group. Going the extra mile will pay off in the end.

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