Visit Schools

We have some suggestions on how to make the most out of a college visit, including visiting while the school is in session and talking with current students.  We also have advice for college interviews with admissions officers.

When scheduling a college visit, try to plan a time when school is in session so that you can get a feel for what student life is like on campus. Also, make sure to talk to current students on your visit and find out if they enjoy living and studying at the school.

Taking the campus tour is highly recommended, but make sure to save some time to explore on your own. And consider doing an overnight visit if the school offers them.

If possible, save your favorite school until last to visit, because it may take a couple visits to figure out the right questions to ask and what the best spots are to get a sense of campus life.

Finally, write down your thoughts and impressions of each college immediately after you visit them, because memories of different schools can overlap, especially if you visit multiple ones on the same trip.

Whenever you visit a college, make sure you also schedule an interview with an admissions officer. Try and schedule interviews with schools you are less interested in first so that you can practice.

For the interview, prepare specific questions for the admissions officer and be yourself.

After your interview, make sure you send a thank you note.

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