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Dassault Systemes

Worldwide leader in 3D and software innovator
Dassault Systèmes is the company behind some of the world’s most advanced 3D creative tools used to design the greatest products, airplanes, windmills, lipsticks, video games, and Olympic stadiums.

Software from Dassault Systèmes is used by Ford to engineer cars, by Boeing to design airplanes, by Bell Helicopter to create aircrafts, by P&G to optimize consumer package goods, and by a myriad of others to develop the coolest, greatest and most advanced products.

Discover how as an engineer you could create a race car, invent new sport shoes, build a stadium, or develop new life-saving devices or the ultimate water cleaning systems.  All this and many other cool things exist in 3D computer models before they are made.

3D is not only a way to have fun; it’s also a wonderful opportunity for you to accomplish what you have always dreamed about.  Let your imagination run, and find out how you can make it happen at 3DS Academy. You will find showcases of innovative projects and interact with other creators worldwide!



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3D Virtual Learning Environment (Robot driven with a joystick)