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National Instruments

National Instruments transforms the way scientists, engineers, and students around the world design, prototype, and deploy systems so they can solve tomorrow’s problems and ultimately change the world. From testing next-generation gaming systems to creating breakthrough medical devices, NI customers continuously develop innovative technologies that impact millions of people.

With National Instruments flagship graphical programming software, NI LabVIEW, educators can connect concepts taught in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum with real-world examples. This creates a dynamic learning environment that encourages discovery, creativity, and excitement. LabVIEW eliminates traditional educational barriers by allowing students to focus their attention on sharpening their analytical skills and problem-solving techniques, which are critical to a future in engineering.

From LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT in primary schools to laboratories in universities, educators are better equipped to inspire and prepare tomorrow’s innovators with powerful tools such as LabVIEW. Students can connect with hardware to test, measure and control phenomenon, visualize their designs in the interactive LabVIEW environment, and understand the effects of different variables on their experiments through the graphical dataflow programming experience.

Hey students, check out LabVIEW for Students. It’s an online destination where you can interact with peers, discover resources, and unleash possibilities — including LabVIEW certification, training materials, product tips, tutorials, videos, and so much more.

Imagine Life without National Instruments Technology
See how NI products improve everyday life in diverse applications from food packaging to automotive testing. NI gives its customers a better solution for measuring and automating the world around them. Learn how you can too.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Innovators with Hands-On Learning
Learn how remarkable education efforts are helping prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s scientists and engineers.

Driving a Car with an iPhone
See how innovative NI engineers used an iPhone to wirelessly command a car.

FIRST Robotics Competition Partners with NI
FIRST is the largest robotics program in the world. Impacting about 200,000 students each year, FIRST offers students a hands-on learning experience with science and engineering. Learn more and get involved at ni.com/first!

Wheelchair Controlled Only by Thoughts
Engineering students at the University of Illinois developed an amazing thought-controlled wheelchair using LabVIEW. In fact, this application is so cool that Michael Callahan won the Lemelson-Illinois Student Prize, which is awarded to the most outstanding student inventors. This is an example of how innovators use virtual instrumentation to make significant improvements in everyday life.

DARwIn by RoMeLa
The Robotics and Mechanisms Lab (RoMeLa) at Virginia Tech University developed DARwIn, a soccer playing humanoid robot, for RoboCup. Watch DARwIn in action.

More about National Instruments
Watch this video to learn how National Instruments technology helps clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies do their jobs better, faster, and more efficiently. Also don’t forget to visit ni.com/company for additional information on how NI is committed to this next generation of innovation.