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  • Engineers Are Cool

    Showcasing some of the interesting and exciting things that engineers do.

  • Human-Powered Helicopter Takes Off

    A helicopter designed by a team of students from the University of Maryland has become the third human-powered helicopter to successfully leave the ground, and the first to be piloted by a woman.

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  • Drill for Clean Water Easy, Affordable

    Seven engineering students designed a water drill that might improve the lives of millions.

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  • Gauri Nanda

    Gauri Nanda's "Clocky" is the ultimate alarm clock. How it works: If you press snooze, the alarm jumps off your nightstand and lands on its wheels, beeping the whole time. Then it's time to play hide-and-go-seek. The gadget rolls, bumps into things, backs up and eventually stops.

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  • Ayanna Howard

    Science fiction stories have served as inspiration for many a brilliant engineer, and Ayanna Howard is no exception.

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  • Shwetak Patel

    Shwetak Patel wants to help you conserve energy in your home.

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