Lara Hodgson

Lara Hodgson is CEO of Nourish, a baby water-bottle product for on-the-go families. 

Lara Hodgson earned a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering with highest honors from Georgia Institute of Technology.  But instead of pursuing a career in science, she chose to become a serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

The problem-solving skills she developed as an engineer has helped her face business challenges without fear.

She is now the CEO of Nourish, a baby water-bottle product that addresses the fact that moms and kids have busy on-the-go lives.  With its two products, Nourish brings nutrition, safety, and convenience to young children. Nourish Baby is bottled water for babies that allows parents to add formula, shake, serve, and recycle.  And Nourish Toddler is spill-proof bottled water for toddlers.